Saturday, November 27, 2010


Chiapas, Zapatista villge of Oventic, 2007

    ‘Our people are good people. Our people are very innocent.  Our people are trusting.
     During the jihad, some Arabs came to our country to fight the Russians. We were very grateful to them and we treated them like our brothers.
    One day two Arabs came to our village and asked for the permission to marry our two girls. They presented themselves as good Muslims promising to take their teenaged wives with them to their home countries. We had faith in them so we gave them our girls. They married them and we all danced at their wedding.
    After a few months they left our village for their country abandoning their young wives pregnant and penniless.
    A year later another Arab came to our village. He went to another family asking for the permission to marry their daughter. He was asked to wait for the decision when the father of the family went to see the chief of the village. The chief invited the Arab to his home and asked him if it was true that he wanted to marry the girl from their village. The man said it was. At that moment the chief  had the man tied up. His tongue was pulled out and cut off. The man was hanged by his legs with his head down. His tongue was dangling on a string next to him so that he could look at it.’
    Abdul is laughing at the love story he has just told.  Today it is Valentine’s Day.