Friday, November 26, 2010

The Black Sheep

Ballet Raices de Colombia, Harbourfront, Toronto

    Fatima’s hair is black. Her eyes are sparkling with joy. She is seven and she is already a little shepherdess. In her village everybody has to work. Little children  have an important job to do as well. Fatima’s job is very important. She tends to twenty sheep.  They are beautiful. Some of them are white, some are grayish white, and two of them are pinch black. The black sheep are twins. They are the little lambs that the shepherdess likes most. She likes playing with them. She is a child and they are children. They keep her company all the time. The tiny little girl loves the blue sky, the wind and the green grass.
     Suddenly, one of the black lambs runs towards the river. She jumps into it and starts swimming. The little black lamb enjoys swimming very much. She has just found her new freedom and the water is carrying her. The little black lamb is further and further away. Finally, she lands safely on the other bank of the river.
    Her twin sister looks scared. She does not know what to do. She is very frightened and confused. She wants to be with her sister. She loves her. They have been inseparable since they were born. They have never been apart but the river is wide and the water is deep. The little black lamb jumps into the water.  She finds out that she can swim like her twin sister. She enjoys swimming as her sister did, and she continues swimming. The current takes her safely to the other bank of the river, to her sister. The two black sheep are united.       
    Fatima, the little shepherdess, can see only two little black heads in the high grass.  The heads are very close to each other.
    The farmers will have to walk five kilometers to the nearest bridge to bring the lost sheep back. They will not dare to jump into the river. The current has taken many lives in the village.