Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Song

Ballet Raices de Colombia. Harbourfront. Toronto

    The boys get up very early in the morning. The weather is beautiful. The birds are singing. The boys are hungry. It is the time of famine. There is no rice to eat. The boys are best friends. They have no brothers and they have no sisters, but they have each other. For a long time there has been nothing to eat in the village of one hundred houses. The village is located in a green valley in the mountains. People are very poor there.
     The boys head for the mountain. Today is the day. The sky is so clear. They climb the mountain as they did so many times before. The stones are hurting their feet.  They want to see the island. They want to see the island of plenty. The island, where there is a lot of food to eat and toys to play with. Both boys are dreamers. They want to cross the ocean and live on the island. They are very bright and very strong.
    One day the younger one leaves the village and heads for the island. A year passes and the older one follows him.
    The sky is clear. The air is crisp. The birds are singing.